wild life

We had three guys visit us at our school and the first guy asked us a qustion he said are chopping down tree good well of course everyone said yes but then he said it is actully good.We said how it’s good because if we chop down trees  then we get houses schools and new things that make the world a good place.And then he asked are termites good and he said yes because when the hail or tornado brakes it into peices the termites eat it so the world doesent look like a torn up world.And did you know that some plants are posin.

cornflower/bachelor’s button


The cornflower/Bachelor’s Button scientific classification is Asteraceae and the scientific name is centaurea cyanus.It grows all in  the united states.The original flower color is blue,but is now available in white,pink and red.The hight is 2-3 feet tall.The blooming peireod is march through may

jefferson trip

I learned at Jefferson that there was a guy and his girlfriend had a dad that was very rich and  she had a dimond rings on each finger and the guy saw the rings and the money an said to her how  about we go to the bayou and have a picnic and they went and the only one who came back was him and everyone was asking were she was and he said that she was visitting a couple of freinds and she will be back in a couple of days and a couple of days went on and she was still not back they found her body and the hotel manger saw the boyfreind with her rings.Also we learned that jefferson was a gost town and that there was a war in jefferson


water conservation

saving  water  is  important! This  valuable  resource  will  disappear  if we  don’t  save   water. Instead  of  throwing  my  wet  towel  on  the floor,  I  will  hang  it   up  tomorrow. Every  load  in  the  washing  machine  uses  thirty gallons.We  should   take  shorter  showers  to save  water.  A  ten  minutes  shower   will   save twinty  gallons   compaired to  a  fiffteen  minutes.Also  if  your  toilet  runs  then  you  should  fix  it  since  it  wastes   five  gallons  every  hour.That  will save  120  gallon  a  day!We  need  to  practice  water  conservation  everyday.


A ragdoll is a type of cat a heavy cat. It’s a indoor cat. They have blue eyes. It’s very relaxed most of the time. It’s not very good of a hunter. When it was born it was white. Then it changes to blue-gray by the time it is two. This information was found at (http://www.facts4me.com)


Davey and Charlie shared half a box of crackers.They each had 20 crackers.How    many crackers did the box have when it was full?

I added twenty plus twenty because they each had twenty crackers.  I got forty.  Then I added forty plus forty because forty was one of the halves of the crackers and forty was the other half of the crackers.My answer was eighty crackers.